Matthieu Chevrier
Embedded Systems Engineering
  • Name: Matthieu Chevrier

  • Birthyear: 1976

  • Profession: Embedded Systems Engineering

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[CES2018 Fiction] FACEBOOK, the 4th GAFA to enter home automation...

In the midst of new products announcements of CES2018, what if Facebook announced a product for the home automation?
We know that Google, Apple and Amazon already compete for this market and most recently with voice assistants. Facebook, besides being the only one from the GAFA not playing yet also has one of the strongest AI research team. So what would prevent Facebook entering the home automation?
Nothing actually.
Facebook might be tempted to play its strength and introduce an AI enabled "smart door bell".
A smart door bell, would serve Facebooks vision of "Connecting the world".
It could potentially connect to the Facebook account of the house owners and provide face recognition for any known visitors. Unknown visitors could be matched across multiple door bells and AI algorithms could identify postman, salesman, or the DHL man (if he actually did ring the door bell).
Of course this is just fiction, or is it?